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Aircraft and vehicles
Fan Fiction

The Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle is all that Spectrum requires in a vehicle: fast, amphibious, and both armoured and armed. It is fitted with a detachable power unit, which is used to power small pieces of equipment, such as the jet back. Stand-by batteries provide motive force when the power unit is being used to charge a piece of equipment.

SPVs are vehicles with rear-facing seats opposite a dual steering column and television monitor that the driver(s) use instead of a windscreen. The SPV can be driven by either (or both) of the seats facing the monitor. Auxiliary seating is fitted within each SPV, allowing the transportation of extra personnel or civilians.

On land, the SPV can travel at speeds of up to 200 mph. It has ten wheels, making it extremely stable when off the road, and is fitted with caterpillar tracks at the rear, which are put into play in slippery conditions (Captain Scarlet could have done with remembering this when he was in pursuit of the Frost Line’s maintenance truck). Thanks to its number of wheels and the tank tracks, the SPV can overcome all but vertical obstacles with relative ease. The breaks are magnetic disc reverse-thrusters.

Should an SPV be required to travel over water, the SPV’s wheels retract upwards and propulsion is provided by twin turbo jets which are situated at the rear of the vehicle.

As well as the power pack, SPV’s are fitted with an electrode-ray cannon (anti-Mysteron cannon), ground-to-air missiles, anti-Mysteron guns, radar installations, highly sensitive two-way radios, air conditioning and proteinised food supplies in order to enable the crew to remain entirely self-sufficient for long periods.