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Cloudbase is the aerial headquarters of Spectrum; commanded by Colonel White. She is a completely self-contained air-borne airctraft carrier. She hovers at 40,000 above sea level and is 630 feet long by 330 feet wide and is home to a crew of 593 personnel.

The base was first intended to be a submarine, then a floating island and later a space station, before it was agreed that a floating aircraft carrier was a better idea. This is because, being 40,000 feet above the planet, the base is much less likely to succumb to a surprise attack and can also be stationed in any global position. Cloudbase was constructed at the World Government research depot in Stockholm and then prefabricated to allow assembly in outer space.

Cloudbase is fully equipped with a variety of facilities. The Control Tower houses Colonel White's Control Room, complete with computerised revolving desk and Lieutenant Green's office and computer, which is over 20 feet long.
Also in the Tower is the Officers' Lounge, the Room of Sleep, officers' quarters and restaurant. There is also a garden.

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