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Fan Fiction

I hadn’t expected to be involved in the protection of the World President. Captain Brown was put in charge of the operation – I’ll bet he’d been excited when he was told; it was his first big assignment. It should have been an easy assignment, as they go. Spectrum answers directly to the World President, so he was going to trust us without question; moving him to a place of maximum security wasn’t going to be difficult and neither was persuading him to stay there.

We heard that Captains Scarlet and Brown had crashed on their way to New York, but somehow they’d escaped unhurt. Captain Ochre was sent down there to try to find out what went wrong and the rest of us on Cloudbase dismissed the event. After all, nobody had been hurt and the fault in the saloon was going to be found and acted on.

The Mysterons’ first attempt came as a shock to everyone. The maximum security building had somehow been completely destroyed, seemingly without a warning. My first thought was that, somehow, Spectrum had failed; but it was soon established that the World President had escaped. When what had happened became clear, I was baffled. Captain Brown, a man I’ve worked with and trusted since I joined Spectrum, had deliberately attempted to kill the man in his charge by blowing himself up. It was incredible – there was just no way that I could take it in.

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