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Aircraft and vehicles
Fan Fiction

The Mysterons threatened to assassinate the Director General of the United Asian Republic. Captain Grey was already acting as his bodyguard while he stayed in London when the first attack came.

The director general was due to leave Britain early the following morning, so Spectrum arranged for a motorcade to leave from his hotel, carrying an impersonator, with the real director general following at a safe distance in a Yellow Fox tanker with Captain Grey.

I was placed in charge of the operation and prepared to leave for London immediately. I was just about to take off when Lieutenant Green contacted me to inform me that my new field partner, Captain Scarlet, would be joining me. I have to say I was glad – Captain Scarlet has always been a good friend of mine, and he had been through a rough time after being taken over by the Mysterons. I hoped that he could finally put the whole thing behind him.

During the flight to England, my partner was pretty quiet – as a matter of fact, he didn’t say very much during the whole mission. I thought he was probably still reeling after all the tests and everything that he’d been through and left him alone as much as I could.

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